Fantastic time travel: what to expect from Stranger Things season 4

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Название: Fantastic time travel: what to expect from Stranger Things season 4 . Краткое описание: Teasers, new actors, release date and plot development theories. ="Fantastic Time Travel: What to Ex . Дата публикации: 11.03.2022 . Автор: Алишер Валеев .

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Teasers, new actors, release date and plot development theories. =»Fantastic Time Travel: What to Expect from Stranger Things Season 4″» src=»»https://cdn.lifehacker.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/1_1646835188-288×144.jpg

One of the most popular series of recent years has been successfully on the screens for three seasons. A nostalgic story in the atmosphere of horror and science fiction of the 80s tells about the small town of Hawkins, where young heroes regularly encounter otherworldly phenomena.

After a hugely successful third season, the series was quickly renewed. But the work on the sequel was very delayed.

When the 4th season of Stranger Things will be released

On September 30, 2019, Netflix officially announced that the project will have a fourth season.

The filming of the sequel began back in February 2020, but then was frozen for a long time due to — due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, by June, the scripting team announced that they had completed the main work.

Shooting resumedStranger Things Resumes Filming on Season 4 amid COVID-19/Peopleonly in October 2020, then interrupted again several times. As a result, the fourth season starts only on May 27, 2022. Moreover, it was divided into two parts: half of the episodes will be released in the spring, the rest on July 1.

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Is there a trailer for the new season

On February 14, 2020, Netflix presented the first short teaser for the continuation of the series.

A few more videos were published later. One is dedicated to Eleven's life in the lab.

The following is about a visit by several heroes to a house with a terrible past.

In another teaser, Eleven writes a letter to Mike.

Stranger Things season 4 cast

The entire main cast has signed contracts in advance for filming in all seasons of the series. And one important spoiler for the further development of the plot is connected with this.

a frame from the television show,» Very strange things »

Spectators exactly meet again with the familiar company already growing children, led by the Eleventh , played by Millie Bobby Brown, and their older comrades. Winona Ryder will also reappear as Joyce and, importantly, David Harbor as Sheriff Hopper.

In addition, in the very finale of the third season and in one of the trailers, Paul Reiser was again shown. So perhaps further down the line, his Dr. Sam Owens will become an important character again.

A frame from Stranger Things series

Newcomers also joined the series. First of all, Robert Englund from A Nightmare on Elm Street attracts attention. He got the role of the mentally unstable Victor Creel, who has been locked up in a psychiatric hospital since the 50s after the murder he committed.

Jamie Campbell Bower («Sweeney Todd ”) will play the intern of a psychiatric clinic, Peter Ballard, who is tired of cruelty. Eduardo Franco («American Vandal») will embody the image of a new friend of Jonathan Byers named Argyle.

Joseph Quinn («Overlord») got the role of head of the club for Dungeons & Dragons by Eddie Munson. And he will be at the center of some important mystery.

Tom Vlachikha (Game of Thrones) will play Russian security guard Dmitry, who helps Hopper. The role of another Russian will be played by Serb Nikola Dzhuritsko. He got the image of Yuri — a smuggler who loves money, bad jokes and peanut butter.

Amybeth McNulty («Anne») will appear in the image of Vicki — a «nerd» girl who attracts the attention of one of the characters.

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