Epic Games Store giving away Cities: Skylines

Benefit 499 rubles. ” class=” alt=”Epic Games Store is giving away Cities: Skylines”” src=””https://cdn.lifehacker.ru/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Snimok-ekrana-2020-12-17- v-19.28.59_1608222568-288×144.png”>

The Epic Games store once again pleases with the distribution of games. Add Cities: Skylines to your account for free this week.

The player's task is to build a full-fledged metropolis with all the infrastructure and transport system: it's up to you to provide the city with water, electricity – just like setting up police systems , education and other areas.

Usually the game costs 499 rubles, but until March 17 it can be added to your account for free. She will remain in the profile even after the end of the promotion.

Collect Cities: Skylines→

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