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Electronics, accessories, household goods and other useful things. 288×144.jpg» » class=» alt=»Everything for a man: the best finds of the week»» src=»»https://cdn.lifehacker.ru/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Vsyo-dlya-muzhika- luchshie-nahodki-nedeli_1646861761-288×144.jpg»>

Baseus Headphones

Baseus Bowie M2 headphones use Bluetooth 5.2 for wireless connection. The model has an active adjustable noise reduction system for listening to music in the subway and crowded places.

Transparency mode allows you to hear the surrounding sounds and talk to the interlocutor without removing the headphones. To switch tracks and answer calls, touch control is provided. The capacity of the built-in batteries is enough for about 5 hours of battery life. When recharged from the case, you can use the headphones for up to 30 hours.

Price: 4,982 rubles with a seller’s coupon and promo code RUM2BOOM.


Realme Toothbrush

The sound motor of the gadget makes 20,000 pulsations per minute. Three operating modes are supported: soft, cleaning and polishing. The case is protected from moisture according to the IPX7 standard — the brush can be washed under running water.

The capacity of the built-in battery is enough for 130 days of daily use. Available in two colors: blue and white. There is expedited free shipping from Russia.

Price: 1,569 rubles.


Protective gloves -01-19T150227.332_1642590161-630×315.jpg» » class=» class=»border alignnone wp-image-1421913 size-medium» title=»Safety gloves» width=»630″ height=»315″ alt=»Safety gloves «»src=»»https://cdn.lifehacker.ru/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/SHablon-kollazheJ-dlya-Mancave-kopiya-kopiya-kopiya-2022-01-19T150227.332_1642590161-630×315. jpg»>

Set of two gloves for each hand with cut protection. The first layer is made of fabric, the second consists of small metal links. Outwardly, it resembles chain mail and is fixed over the fabric part with a strap. Such a shell will protect the palm and fingers from cuts and pricks when working with sharp objects.

Price: from 1,675 rubles.


Baseus External Battery

An external battery with a capacity of 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 mAh will allow you to simultaneously charge several gadgets at once. It has two USB-A downstream ports and a Type-C connector that works both ways. The power bank itself can also be powered via microUSB.

On the case there is a power button and a large LED screen with an indication of the remaining charge. Two-way PD fast charging up to 20W is supported. There is protection against overheating, short circuit and overcharging. Model dimensions: 15.3 × 6.8 × 3 cm.

Price: from 2,697 rubles.


Polaris coffee maker class=» class=»border alignnone wp-image-1402497 size-medium» title=»Polaris Coffee Maker» width=»630″ height=»315″ alt=»Polaris Coffee Maker»» src=»»https://cdn. lifehacker.ru/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/photo_2021-12-02-16.18.07_1638447505-630×315.jpeg»>

The 800W Polaris horn coffee maker makes an invigorating Americano with ease. If you don't want an Americano, try a cappuccino. To prepare this drink, a special nozzle is provided for whipping dense foam from milk.

The volume of the water tank is 240 ml. The coffee maker has a removable drip tray. The kit comes with a measuring spoon and stencils for drawings on the milk cap.

Price: 3,999 rubles.


Drill bits

Replaceable nozzles with dense bristles are attached to a drill or screwdriver, turning the tool into a cleaning device. With the help of brushes, you can easily clean tiles, plumbing, hobs, car body and wheels, and much more.

Price: from 471 rubles.



Aluminum alloy camping cookware sets. The first set contains a pot, a frying pan, a lid and a teapot with a volume of 0.8 l. In the second, in addition to the listed items, there is also a bamboo spoon, a brush, three bowls and a ladle. The folding handles of the utensils are protected by special pads that will protect your fingers from burns.

Price: from 3,472 rubles.


Workpro Multitool

Stainless steel pocket multitool combines 15 different tools. In addition to pliers, there are scissors, all kinds of screwdrivers, an opener, a knife and a saw. The length of the multitool when folded is 9.5 cm. The kit comes with a storage case made of dense fabric.

Price: 1,866 rubles.



The alarm works with its own mobile application. Versions with support for Wi-Fi and 2G or with only a 2G module are available for order. The system can call six numbers and send messages to three of them in case of penetration, smoke or accumulation of household gas in the room.

Motion sensors and door and window opening sensors, wired and wireless sirens, remote controls, smoke and gas leakage sensors, an external wireless unit with a keyboard are available. In addition, two types of surveillance cameras are available: for installation indoors and a model with improved shooting in the dark for the street.

Price: from 6,514 rubles.



Wireless lamp in a thin body with a motion sensor. The kit comes with a magnetic mount, with which you can hang the gadget in a closet or other poorly lit places. Powered by a built-in battery.

Available in 20 and 40 cm lengths with warm yellow or cool white light. When ordering, you can also choose a black or white body color.

Price: from 1,256 rubles.


Waterproof bag

A bag-bag with a volume of 2 liters is hermetically sealed with a latch and attached to a backpack with a carabiner. The material from which the bag is made does not pass water. The contents will be reliably protected from moisture and will not deteriorate, for example, due to rain. This accessory is especially useful for hiking, boating and fishing.

Price: 521 rubles.



A strong paracord rope with a thickness of about 4 mm is twisted from seven strands. It is useful for setting up a tent, attaching a hammock and for other uses. For example, for weaving a bracelet. There are 12 product colors and three lengths to choose from: 7, 15 and 30 m.

Price: from 358 rubles.



Wall organizer for storing things that are often lost: remotes, chargers and others. There are four types of design to choose from: for one or more items, with and without additional stands at the bottom. The width of products varies from 6 to 12 cm, height — from 6 to 10 cm. White, black, gray, beige and golden colors are available for order.

Price: from 350 rubles.


Universal Cable

The Baseus universal cable with microUSB, Type‑C and Lightning plugs is suitable for data transfer and recharging of any devices. Length — 0.3 and 1.2 m. There are versions with an additional connector of one of the connection types.

Price: from 662 rubles.



Wireless doorbell with 32 ringtones, volume adjustable. The gadget can be mounted on double-sided tape or self-tapping screws — a special place is provided for them. The kit includes a button and a base that is inserted into the socket.

Price: from 1,161 rubles.


Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication of the article. Stores can update prices throughout the day.

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